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About us
As a leading supplier of test- and treatment-technics for fused metal the IDECO GmbH sets guiding standards
since many years for aluminium- producers and -foundries all over the world.

A team of IT-, measuring-, regulation-, and foundry-professionals with practical experience of decades
develops, manufactures and sells custom-made solutions and systems for following ranges:
  • Cleaning and treatment of aluminium fused metal
  • Analysis for determination of solidification characteristics, grain refinement, refinement of the prim.Si, modification
  • Determination of the current porosity potential, controlling the content of hydrogen
  • Controlling and logging of temperature for melt- and temper-processes
The custom-made documentation of test- and treatment-data including individual link to existing networks
is in the best hands with our soft- and hardware specialists.

Conciderable customers associate our name with:
practice-orientated technics, customer-orientated manufacturing, userfriendly design, professional advice and
training of the operating-personnel, regular maintenance and adjustment of the devices with certificate and seal.
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