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Tools and consumables
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VT2444 - Tool-Spray - Coating
VT2444 High thermal resistance graphite coating spray for casting- and measuring-tools in aluminium foundries . Volume 500 ml.
Tool-Paste - Coating
Tool-Paste High thermal resistance coating for casting- and measuring-tools in aluminium foundries.
Sample ladle
PLX Sample ladle for taking samples of liquid non-ferrous metals. Available in different sorts, sizes and appropriate coat.
ST088VT - Sample crucible
ST088VT Sample crucibles for our VAC-TEST devices.
TZ250VA - Crucible-Tong
TZ250VA Tong for crucible of VAC-TEST and Hydrogen-Analyser.
BKR2843 - Cooling grid
BKR2843 Cooling grid for VAC-TEST and Thermo-Analysis crucibles or sample moulds.
Sample - Ingot
PK255SP Ingot - tongs with separate bottom, made of high temperature resistant steel to produce "PILZ"-Samples according to international standard for spectral analysis.
PK314CU - Copper - Ingot to produce VAC-TEST Samples
PK314CU 2-piece ingot with insulated handle.
Made of highconducting Cu-alloy for rapid and direction-controlled solidification.
- safe, easy und convenient application -
BLH2516 - Tool rack
BLH2516 Ladle rest for sample ladles of VAC-TEST devices.
D75ST - Printer
D75ST Printer for VAC-TEST terminals.
TA1704 - Temperature sensor
TA1704 Reserve temperature sensor for Thermo-Analysis devices.
TA1705 - Ceramic sleeves
TA1705 Ceramic sleeves for protection of the thermocouple.
TA1702 - ceramic sample moulds
TA1702 Ceramic sample moulds for our Thermo-Analysis devices. Made of heat protected ceramic.
TA1701 - Sample mould holder
TA1701 Sample mould holder for ceramic sample moulds.
SM322TD - Sample - Master
SM322TD Equipment for cooling sample-ingots down to room-temperature to stabilize measuering condition. The device is available with different numbers of slots for sample-ingots.
MC-Rotor - Melt-Clean Rotor
MC-Rotor Melt-Clean rotors are individually adapted to the respective treatment process, geometry, number of revolutions and position in the melt are decisive factors.
MC-Shaft - Rotor shaft
MC-Shaft Melt-Clean rotor shafts has different lenght because they are individually adapted to the respective treatment process.
MC-Plate - Dammplate
MC-Plate Melt-Clean dammplate individually adapted to local furnaces and so the lenght is different.
Skimming ladles
KL61xRO Tools to clean up the surface of Al.-melt. ( Easy skimming of dross with low Al. content )
Different type, size and material with appropriate coating available.
OF135HP - Temperature probe
OF135HP Surface probe for temperature measuring of die-cast, tools, furnace wall etc. Complete with hold, AGL-line and plug (Ni-Cr-Ni).
TF135HP - Temperature probe
TF135HP Insert probe for temperature measuring of aluminium-melt. Complete with hold, AGL-line and plug (Ni-Cr-Ni).
TF800HP - Temperature probe
TF800HP Insert probe for temperature measuring of aluminium-melt. Complete with hold, AGL-line and plug (Ni-Cr-Ni).
TF920HL - Temperature probe
TF920HL Insert lance for temperature measuring of aluminium-melt. Complete with AGL-line and plug (Ni-Cr-Ni).
TF203LK - Thermocouple
TF203LK Replacement thermocouple for insert probe TF920HL.
TE803ST - Temperature probe
TE803ST Jacket Thermoelement with plug (Ni-Cr-Ni).
HM1704 - Temperature sensor
HM1704 Reserve temperature sensor for Hydrogen-Analyser devices.
ST088HM - Sample crucible
ST088HM Sample crucibles for our Hydrogen-Analyser devices.
BGA2664 - Tool rack
BGA2664 Optionally tool rack extension for Hydrogen-Analyser devices.
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