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  -  Individual networking of IDECO equipment and other systems for central documentation and data backup
The aim of quality-management is to ensure constant quality. This can only be achieved by continuous testing and documentation of the workflow.

In this situation it is useful, if the results of the different testing methods are available centrally,
rather than being present on each individual test equipment only.

This can be achieved by merging the test equipment to a compound structure.
IDECO equipment as well as devices of other manufacturers can be combined.

With special Software, the gathered data then can be visualized and evaluated for example at a workstation in the office.
Therefore the operator gets a quicker overview about the testing results of a whole process (e.g. a cast).
Examples for miscellaneous network configurations ... Depending on the application, connecting IDECO test equipment to a network offers various advantages in practice, such as:
  • an automatic backup of the measured data can be carried out (e.g. to a fileserver)
  • customer-own master data can be used to simplify the identification-input for a measurement
  • nominal values (related to a specific article or alloy) can be integrated into the testing process
  • devices can exchange information among each other
  • data of other devices can be automatically transferred an taken over into measurements
    as additional data
  • using the central data storage, further evaluation and analysis can take place in the office
  • additional information can be added to a measurement or updated at any time from the office
The networking will always be carried out user-related, fitting the situation on site.

Examples for miscellaneous network configurations ...
Further information about the different applications ... The automatic recording and documentation of test- and treatment-data is an important consideration of quality management.

Many IDECO units already have a built-in documentation facility for measuring data (e.g. Thermo-Analysis, Hydrogen-Analyser HM314, DI-Tower VT711). If the data of these devices is stored centrally over a network, they can be evaluated and analysed more detailed, using user-specific office-software (e.g. TA-Office, QS-Master).

With devices that do not have a built-in documentation facility (e.g. DI-Terminal VT162SO), the user can record and administrate the test data with his own PC. In this case, for example the software DICON-BASE is used.

Depending on the individual requirements, IDECO Software is adapted to the specific needs and workflow of our customers

Further information about the different applications ...
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